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Carl Runefelt Biography/ Wikipedia

Carl Runefelt Biography/ Wikipedia

Carl Runefelt is 26 years old and has transformed from cashier at a grocery store in Sweden to a cryptocurrency expert.

NameCarl Runefelt
YoutubeThe Moon Carl
Net worth1Billion $$

Believe in law of attraction for success: Carl Runefelt

The man who started The Moon, the Youtube Channel, The Moon as well as a motivational speaker and the influencer Carl Runefelt’s belief lies in the laws of attraction. He believes that having a clear vision of the future could result in the fulfillment of your dreams and goals. The ability to leverage the internet to make money as well as the ability to predict what the future holds for digital currency have helped him climb the ladder of success.

Runefelt who is from Sweden left school in the early years because he had difficulty focusing due to of an attention deficit (ADD). He began working in the department store for money, but after 2 years, he was aware that he would never be successful , or be proud of his parents when he continued to work in the occupation.

Runefelt was looking for ways to make his work more effective and he came across some ideas and had meetings with successful people. What was more striking to him than any other thing is the attraction law. He declares, “I began to picture myself as a wealthy happy, energetic and successful person.” The man even lied that he was successful , even while working in the supermarket. He took the train every day to get to work, however, the thought of driving the car of a Ferrari in his mind. He began to search for yachts on sale and pretending to be looking to buy one. His life was transformed in only two years, more than he imagined or thought was feasible. “There is no connection between the two times,” he says.

Carl studied cryptocurrency in depth through the internet, both as well as through the books were in the market at the time. He concluded that cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot are created to function as a form of exchangeand also to educate the public (mostly both investors and traders) would be essential and was the goal of his existence. Being a millennial, he realized the potential of the digital world in the early days of.

“You’re on the correct track when the work you’re doing is fun and pays well.I am passionate about making videos as well as trading and investing. I’ve found the way of the least resistance to my grand ambitions,” he adds.

In no time, he started a YouTube channel (The Moon: ) to disseminate adequate and correct information about the power and value of cryptocurrencies, making people understand its nuances and that it is competing against a broken system. The channel has more than 450K users as well as his Twitter handle with more than 322K followers , and 37.2K people follow him on Instagram.

Carl was named among the global top five in the crypto influencer of the year award at the AIBC Summit, which was held at Dubai in the month of April. Carl Martin is among the top 30 influential people in the world of blockchain, according to WeBitCoin creator, Elen Genuncio. HackerNoon recognized Carl Martin as the fifth most influential person in the business. Runefelt has also been cited by various media outlets, including Forbes Magazine, CNBC, Tech Times, Coin Telegraph, Toshi Times, Tech Telegraph UK,, Crypto Potato, Bitcoin Insider, Daily Hunt, Benzinga, Hackernoon, and Business Insider.

The influential motivational speaker feels that his life began changing because of the shift in mindset. “I was already a billionaire in two years, and I left my grocery store job in November of 2018,” he claims.

He believes that success isn’t luck, it’s an intentional choice. “I thank myself every day for choosing to be who I am today since I wasn’t content with my life before,” he said. The way to be who you want to be is to be convinced in your head that you’re already the person you want to be. Make it appear as if it’s your reality and you’ll be drawn to it.”

Carl is currently based in Dubai and loves the city. “I meet fascinating people and successful businesspeople on a regular basis in Dubai,” Carl explains. It is important that you surround yourself with those who have the same ideals and goals as you. That’s why I enjoy Dubai so much.

“I am awestruck by the fact that my friends from here are from various nations. I believe that Dubai is a wonderful illustration of how to successfully mix cultures.”

The YouTuber provides guidance on investment options and teaches people about corruption in the banking industry via social media. “Every day, people email to tell me how they earn fortunes that alter their life by viewing my Bitcoin and crypto films. Many claim to have were millionaires because of my videos and hearing my thoughts on Bitcoin as well as crypto.” the author adds.

The entrepreneur would like to remain remembered for being a person with an impressive professional career. He claims that wealth is not the main motivator anymore and he is determined to be a part of the society.

“I’ve begun by donating more than $150,000 to charities but this is just the beginning. I gave $100,000 to aid disabled children and $50,000 for the construction of school facilities in Mexico,” he adds.

In the law of attraction, the Universe makes and supplies you with that is what your thoughts are focused on. Many believe it as a general law that like always attracts like. MEM Lifestyle Coaching founder advocates this belief firmly.

Carl Runefelt Biography/ Wikipedia

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Carl Runefelt net worth and forbes

There are no data available on Carl Runefelt’s net worth and Forbes.

Carl Runefelt nationality

The nationality of Carl Runefelt is Swedish.

Carl Runefelt age

There isn’t any information available on the age of Carl Runefelt.

Carl Runefelt twitter

Carl Runefelt twitter | @themooncarl

Overnight Billionaire: Carl Runefelt’s New Status Amid a Market Crash

Carl Runefelt, a Swedish crypto content creator, has sparked controversy due to his claim that he has made one billion dollars in the crypto space. This comes at a moment where crypto is experiencing declines in the value of shards.

A cashier who earned minimum wage to becoming a multi-millionaire in just two years Carl Runefelt says that Bitcoin’s potential beckoned him in 2018 and drove him to take a different path. The sharpness of his focus and the ability to recognize difficulties before they develop into problems has helped him become an influential figure in the cryptocurrency world. The self-proclaimed expert in crypto claims that he is the ability to navigate the world of cryptocurrency and surviving every Bitcoin hurricane on his channel on YouTube called The Moon.

The channel was launched in 2017 and has a total of 55000+ subscribers. Runefelt claims it has the information needed to create an Bitcoin empire and to build a defense around it, to guard it from any risk. The young entrepreneur says it’s a myth that’s why his Bitcoin pumps and dump scandal is a myth with headlines that proclaim this Bitcoin Pump is a TRAP. The only evidence of this is the fact that he’s gone from an underdog to a billionaire in the market’s downturn. His increasing subscription to YouTube and the average number of views on around 40,000 per video suggest that he’s commanded the public’s interest.

What does do he know that experts and insiders do not? Are they the messengers of the cryptocurrency industry? The only certainty to know is Carl Runefelt is unstoppable!

The Moon Carl Net Worth – From Store Cashier to Crypto Billionaire

Carl Runefelt is a Swedish cryptocurrency content creator who has a net worth of 1 billion. The former cashier at a store has made his name in the world of cryptocurrency. He began to consider cryptocurrency seriously at the end of the year. Runefelt uploaded his very first YouTube video YouTube in December 2017. He has since accumulated over 550,000 subscribers, with over the number of views reaching 70 million.

Four years ago the man was leading the normal life. He quit school at an early age because of his inability concentrate (he was diagnosed with an ADD disorder). Due to his inability to concentrate on schoolwork his time was spent in the store or playing YouTube videos.

Carl Runefelt Biography/ Wikipedia

After a while the realization, he knew that if he desired to succeed it was necessary to put in the effort. The drive to be motivated and daydreaming led him to investigate the world of crypto. It wasn’t long before it was his first priority and his aim changed from pursuing a career in music to becoming a well-known crypto-entrepreneur (and the result was just that.)

Carl describes how he’s believed in The Law of Attraction and how he often imagined achieving success in the grocery store that he worked at, buying yachts online, or driving Ferraris. The blockchain tech he believed could not only transform his personal life, but would also transform the entire world , with Bitcoin being the reserve currency of the world. Other major financial players like Peter Schiff are not as enthusiastic about the optimism of Carl.

He says he didn’t pick Bitcoin however, Bitcoin chose him. In November 2018, he resigned from his job and devoted himself to studying. He then moved to educate people, insisting that our financial system was in a state of disarray and that people must be free from it.

He then founded MEM Lifestyle Coaching LLC and is often a featured keynote speaker at conferences. He is currently residing in Dubai and has given him with an opportunity to expand his perspectives. The YouTube channel has seen an exponential growth and has become one of the most popular crypto channels, and has around 40k viewers per video. He also works with well-known influencers like Bitboy Crypto, Davinci Jeremie, and Christopher Jaszczynski (MMCrypto).

Carl is also the Co-Founder as well as CMO for Kasta, a cryptocurrency-related project that aims to promote the widespread cryptocurrency adoption as a means of exchange using a simple application. They say it can help people transfer and receive cryptocurrency immediately and without any costs. Based on the Polygon platform, Kasta is claimed to have a decentralized goal. At present, the token is trading around $0.56 and it’s fascinating to observe how it develops.

According to a tweet published on September 12 2021 (@TheMoonCarl), Carl disclosed his net worth. It is comprised from an McLaren 650s, a Mercedes Maybach, some clothes, Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies. A majority of his money is cryptocurrency which means that his fortune fluctuates with the market.

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