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Tenalirama is a name that you will never forget from your childhood. It could be a cartoon on TV or in NCERT books English and Hindi. Tenali Ramakrishna has been a topic of conversation since childhood.

Tenali was both a brilliant poet and a clever person. He wrote many stories throughout his life. Thoes story is well-known among children. Each story of Tenali Ramakrishna is a new lesson.

It is important to learn about Tenaliram and Vijayanagar ruler Krishnadeva Rai, as they have received the same recognition. Let us now find out if there was anything connected with the life of the great poet.

NameTenali Ramakrishna
NicknameVikat poet
Dob22 sep 1479
BirthGuntur District, Andhrapradesh
Father’s Name Garalapati Ramaiya
Mother’s NameLakshma
Martial StatusMarried
Wife NameShardha Devi
Son NameBhaskar Sharma
Death5 Aug 1575

Tenali Ramakrishna in his early years

Tenali Ramakrishna, was born 22 September 1479. He was a member of the Brahmin family and was born in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. His village was called Tenali, and he was also known as Tenali. His father, Garalapati Ramaiya, was a scholar at the same time. Ramalingeswar Swami and his father, Garalapati Ramaiya, were priests in the temple. His mother was Lakshma .

Tenali’s father passed away in childhood. His mother-in-law had all responsibility. His mother moved in with him and his brother after the death of his father. Tenali was a shiva devotee from childhood. This is why he was called Tenali Ramalinga. However, he decided to follow the Vaishnava religion. Gundappa was also Tenaliram’s close friend.

Tenali Ramakrishna’s Education

Tenali Ramakrishna is destined to be a great poet, but his most remarkable attribute was that he was not educated. He was still fluent in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil. He was Shiva’s first worshipper, but he went on to follow Vishnu and adopted Vaishnava Dharma. Tenaliram is believed to have adopted the Vaishnava religion after he was rejected by Gurukul.

It is said that a great saint once asked Tenaliram to worship Kali after he had done a lot for Kali. Then he received the blessing of the comic poet. He was a member of the Bhagavat Mela group in his early years.

Ramakrishna and tenali rama

Tenali Ramakrishna was influenced by King Krishnadeva. These two were similar to Akbar-Birbal’s pair. Maharaj Krishnadevarai, who lived between 1509 and 1529, was the king in Vijayanagar. Tenali Ramakrishna visited Vijayanagar once with the Bhagavata Mela troupe. Krishnadeva Rai was also present. Raja Krishna Devarai was actually very impressed by Tenali Ramakrishna’s performance. He kept Tenali as his poet at court. Chat was a distant memory, and Tenaliram increased his contact with the king in a short period of time. In just two years, he had consolidated his position in Raj Mahal. Tenaliram Maharaj Krishnadev Maharaj Rai Maharaj was one of the eight poets he consulted. Maharaj Krishnadev Rai Chatur Tenaliram was his friend, and he used to rescue him from any trouble by using his intelligence.

Tenali Ramakrishna’s most remarkable trait was his refusal to bow before his enemies. His enemies were forced to kneel at his table when he had them attend banquets.

The literary life of Tenali Rajakrishna.

Although Tenaliram might not have been educated, he did know many languages. He was a renowned poet because of this. Pandurang Mahatmyan, which he wrote, has been featured in five epics. He was inspired by Skandapuran’s writings. Tenali Ramakrishna wrote many novels and poems. Chattavu was his name. He also composed religious compositions, in which the stirring Charitamu is famous in his poetry.

He also wrote the poem Palakuriki Somnath, which is based upon Baswa Purana. His stories Ramling, Raylu and other tales, gained him a lot of fame.

He was given the title Kumar Bharati Ji in recognition of his contributions. A Sanskrit poem, Mahishasuramardini Strotam, was also dedicated to him.

Tenali Ramakrishna has written some stories.

The Thieves and the Well
The Greedy Brahmins
Tenali Raman and the Crused man
A Handful of Brain or a Thousand Gold coins
The Reward And The Punishment
Raman Salutation To The Donkeys
The Biggest Fool
The King’s Dream
Tenali And The Great Pandit

These stories are not the only ones. He has also written hundreds of stories.

Tenali Ramakrishna’s demise (Tenali Rajakrishna’s Death).

According to information, Tenaliram was bitten and killed by a snake after Maharaja Krishna Dev Rai’s death. It is believed that he died on 5 August 1575.

Movies & serials filmed on Tenali Rajakrishna.

Many Kannada films have been made about Tenali Ramakrishna’s life. A cartoon network also runs a show for kids based on his life and fictional events. There are many books about his life that are still on the market. Some are serial and film. BS Ranga directed the 1956 Telugu film Tenali Ramakrishna. It was played by Shivaji Ganesan’s .and Nandamuri Tarakramarava, played the role of Krishnadeva Rai.

  • A film called Comedian Ramakrishna, was made in 1982. It was directed and produced by BS Ranga, a Kannada film. Anant Nag played the role of Ramakrishna.
  • In 1990, Doordarshan broadcast a serial called Tenalirama. Vijay Kashyap portrayed the role of Tenalirama in this serial.
  • A 2014 film called “Tenali Raman” was made based on Tenali Ramakrishna’s comic stories.
  • A cartoon called “Adventures of Tenaliram” was shown on Cartoon Network in 2003.

Books that are based on Tenali Ramakrishna.

  • Tenali : The Birbal Of South), 1978
  • The Best of Tenali Raman 2011,

Tenali Ramakrishna: Some Interesting Facts

  • Tenali Ramakrishna’s village was also called Tenali. This is how he got his name Tenali.
  • Tenaliram, at first, was a devotee to Lord Shiva. However, he began devotional to Vishnu later on and adopted Vaishnava Dharma. He then named himself Ramakrishna. Tenali was his village’s name.
  • Because he had adopted the Vaishnava religion, he was explicitly refused the opportunity to teach Gurukul.
  • Tenaliram saved the Vijayanagara Empire against the Sultans Of Delhi.
  • Tenaliram composed the ‘Pandurang Mahatmya,’ considered one of the highest pieces of literature in Kavya Telugu. It is also included among the five epics in the Telugu language.
  • The cartoon network ‘The Adventures of Tenali Rama’ shows the fictional events of Tenali Rama.
  • They are often compared to Birbal because of Tenaliram’s intelligence and intelligent mind. They are also known as Birbal of South.

Tenali Ramakrishna’s greatest creations. Through stories and poems, it is still available to all of us today. It is unlikely that anyone can reach the same heights as he did with his masterpieces. We hope you found this article helpful in understanding Tenali Ramakrishna’s life.

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