Billie Eilish’s Gothic ‘Bridgerton’ Look Just Saved The Met Gala

Billie Eilish

In terms of Met Gala fashion, Billie Eilish sticks to fashion with the “go big or go home” principle. The seven-time Grammy Award-winning artist is an expert about how to dress well and, even though the gala is not a contest, Billie Eilish’s Met Gala gown deserves an recognition. The thought is that “actually dressed for the theme and looked the best while doing it” is perfectly.

billie eilish met gala 2022

Billie Eilish reallyembodied the gilded glamour theme of the event this year. Gilded glamor is a reference to the time period between 1870-1890, when over-the-top formal wear was the fashion. The look includes corset waists, ruffle collars and extravagant skirts (very like the style found in Bridgerton). The overall look of gilded elegance is more different from the fashion preferences of Billie Eilish for dark shades, Gucci logos and oversized T-shirts. But, Billie Eilish found a way to incorporate the theme and incorporate it into her personal style.

The singer wore a gorgeous champagne-colored gown to the event this year that was constructed entirely from recycled materials. The dress was adorned with corset bodice, an obvious sign of gilded-age fashion with soft green panels. The dress drapes gracefully around Eilish’s hips. It also highlighted the striking slit at the front.

billie eilish met gala 2022

Many celebrities had innovative ways to interpret the gilded-glamour theme, Billie-Eilish wore an outfit that was an evocative of the period . She also opted to make the look unique by incorporating her own accessories. Instead of wearing gloves for evening, Billie Eilish gave the look a gothic twist by wearing the lace sleeves, which were tight and fingerless. They displayed her collection of heavy metal rings. She paired her outfit with high-heeled stilettos (that are extremely2022) and an elegant choker that has diamond details. Her black hair was over her head in a sultry hairstyle that anchored the look and drew to Eilish’s classic personal style.

billie eilish met gala 2022

It’s not the first occasion that Eilish has gone off her usual style to be in line with a specific theme. You might be shocked to learn the fact that Billie Eilish has only been to the Met Gala once before. The last time, Billie Eilish wore an extremely feminine Marilyn Monroe-style dress with a short, bleach blonde hairstyle. This was a significant change from her usual casual look, and yet she appeared completely comfortable as well-dressed when she walked down the Met carpet.

billie eilish met gala 2022

The stunning (and huge) flooring-sweeping Oscar de la Renta gown from 2021 was without no doubt among the most striking designs of the evening. Eilish strolled past veteran Met veterans on the steps with such grace and confidencethat it was as if she’d been there dozens many times prior to.

Apart from the Met Gala, Billie Eilish has been taking risk in her Award fashions for the show. The singer donned a dramatic black Ruffled Gucci gown to the Academy Awards this year, where she was awarded an Oscar in the category of Best Original Song. She also wore she wore a trench-coat look from Rick Owens for the 2022 Grammy awards.

If Billie Eilish is composing an original hit track or has a standout red carpet style At this point, it’s evident that it’s going to be a hit.

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