Berry Bryant Murder: Where is Levi Collen Now?

Where is Levi Collen Now

Berry Bryant Murder: Where is Levi Collen Now?

In the fall of 1996, a college student with her entire future ahead was murdered in a brutal manner. Everyone involved in the tragedy was profoundly affected by the incident, and the family of Berry Bryant has been struggling with the consequences for years.

The show “Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death: The Dark Road” on Investigation Discovery tells the story of the circumstances in which Berry was killed, and how the police found the culprit. We should get more details about this incident. Let’s just get it over with, shall we?

How Did Berry Bryant Die?

On March 28, 1978, Berry Alexis Bryant was born in Montana. During her high school years, she was perceived as a well-rounded individual who was active in bands, sports, and even a drill team. The saxophone player was a student attending Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. His description of him was of a warm-hearted person who could get along with everybody. Berry had a great time with his friends and was well-liked in only one month of college.

Berry Bryant Murder

The 18-year-old was at the school dance as well as a party in a dorm on the 5th of October, 1996. Berry went out of the room in the evening and didn’t realize she’d never return. After obtaining more details that night, police located Berry’s body within 16 miles of Powell. It was apparent that the two of them were engaged in a fierce fight. There were several wounds to her defense, and she lay in a bloody pool in the dirt. Her thrombosis was so severe that she was nearly headless.

Who was the person who took Berry Bryant’s life?

When Berry was not back, her roommate began to get worried. Her car was in the parking lot and nobody who was named was admitted to the hospital in the area. The investigation found that a teenager, named Levi Collen, who was 19 at the time, was attending the event. He had previously met Berry prior to the event at which he was. Based on what I saw on the program, it appeared that Levi was enthralled by Berry, but she was not at all.

Berry, along with Levi, had been last seen departing from the nightclub. After a few minutes, Levi came back to the dorm covered in blood. He claimed he was fighting with another person. He was bleeding from cuts to his body. While on the way to the hospital, Levi was able to tell his buddies that he killed Berry after robbing her. Then, they pinned Levi down and promptly summoned the police.

At the beginning, Levi told different versions of what happened. According to the program, Levi claimed that the two were driving in his vehicle and were having sexual relations prior to when Berry came out and hit him with a bottle of alcohol. Levi claims that he stabbed her in order to defend him. The police didn’t think he was lying, so they asked Levi to show them exactly where his body lay. When he pointed out the area where Berry was, Levi informed the police of what happened.

Levi stated that the two of them were Berry, who left the event and drove away from Powell. As reported in the program, he wanted to have a sexual relationship with her, but she told him not to. When Levi used his knife, however, Berry refused to give up. Then he assaulted her, and she was stabbed from ear to ear. He then buried her body in a bush. Apart from that, officers also heard about a woman who claimed Levi was a violent lynchpin during the summer of 1995.

The woman claimed that she, as well as her companion, were at the bar when they were able to meet Levi and went on an outing with him. According to the story, Levi wanted to sleep with her, but she refused to turn her down. Levi pointed a gun at her, drove away to an isolated spot, and then assaulted her. The suspect who fled confessed to police that he rubbed her in the face and arms and threatened to murder her if she ever spoke to anyone about the incident.

Where is Levi Collen Now?

In the first degree, Levi was found guilty of murder, sexual assault, and kidnapping in the month of November. In connection to the summer of 1995 incident, he was accused of sexual assault. The result was that the judge handed him three life sentences within the course of it. According to prison reports, Levi remains in jail at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institute located in Torrington, Goshen County.

As a permanent tribute The memorial bench, made of granite, will be placed in the west corner of the Campus Mall near the Nelson Performing Arts Building.

In the year that marked her 25th birthday passing in the month of October, Bryant’s friends and family attended small-group meals and planted daffodil flowers near the bench and garden. The hope is that the flowers will be blooming by the 21st of March, which would have been her birthday.

The College and the NWC Foundation are also working with Bryant’s family and close friends to create The Berry Bryant Memorial Scholarship Endowment to pay tribute to Bryant’s legacy and to do so in a constructive manner.

Bryant participated in a variety of activities for the community in NWC. She was involved in many social activities on the NWC campus, including 4-H as well as sports, band music, and junior leadership. The scholarship she received will assist students who are involved in their communities as she was.

In the evening, refreshments and light snacks will be served. People who attend are invited to hear about the life of Bryant and share stories of their own. If the weather isn’t good, the dedication ceremony will be inside.

If you’d like to know more about the foundation, contact 307-754-6110 and ask for Shelby Wetzel, who is the Executive Director of the NWC Foundation, or write to Shelby at

BUCYRUS—For the second week in two weeks, a skilled student golfer from the town of Colonel Crawford took home the Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association event.

The week before, Bryant Berry shot a 35 in Marion. This week, he hit 42 over the last nine. He is currently 2-0 in the 12-and-under section this year. At the open tees, he had one birdie and three pars and four birdies.

Griffin Gates of Delaware and Nolen West of Pleasant were 10 shots behind Berry. Both of them scored scores of 52.

Nick McMullen from Galion and Nathan Newell from Pleasant both put up 76 to finish second in their age group (16-18). Minoy Shah of Mount Pleasant was the winner of his first tournament of the season with an average of 73, which included an eagle, three birdies, and 10 pars.

Logan Keller of Galion tied for fifth place with a score of 79, as did Logan Niese of Buckeye Central, who placed seventh with a score of 83.

Wes Prenger, of Wynford, finished ninth (84) and Micah Greene, tenth (87). Braylan Hart and Nate Barre of Galion tied for eleventh place (88). Bucyrus’s Cody Pennington was 14th (90), Noah Burke was 17th (100), and Galion’s Gavin Crim was 19th with 111.

Maura Murphy of Pleasant took the title in the girls’ 13-18 age group , with an average score of 75, which included three birdies as well as nine pars. Colonel Crawford’s Lucy Myers (89) and Sophie Beck (95) placed third and fourth, respectively.

Kaden Ottley of Olentangy was the winner of the boys’ 13-15 age group with a score of 79. Carson Walker from Galion came in second place with an 85.

The next HOJGA event will be held on the 22nd of June at Marysville Golf Club.

A student in college with her entire potential life in front of her was brutally murdered in the month of October, 1996. Everyone involved in the incident was deeply affected, and the family of Berry Bryant’s has been suffering from the consequences for years. “Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death: The Dark Road” on Investigation Discovery goes into detail about the events that occurred prior to Berry being murdered. Let’s learn more about this story, will we?

Berry Alexis Bryant was born in Montana in the month of March 1978. When she was in her high school years, she was known as a multi-faceted individual who played in bands, sports, and drill teams, among other things. Saxophonists were popular because they were friendly and got along with everybody. In his 2nd year, he was at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. In the first month of school, Berry became well-known and became friends with a lot of people.

On the 5th of October 1996, the teenager went to a dance at school. Then she attended an evening party in her dorm. Berry had to leave her room sometime during the evening but didn’t realize that she wouldn’t return. After that, once they had more details, officers were able to locate the body of Berry, which was located 16 miles to the west of Powell. She lay in a bloody pool on a dirt surface and had numerous defense wounds. This indicates that she engaged her attacker in a fierce fight. Berry nearly lost her head as her throat was severely cut.

Berry was not back. Her roommate began to panic. There wasn’t anyone with this name being treated in the hospital nearby. The car she was driving was waiting in the lot. The results of the inquiry found that 19-year-old Levi Collen was at the gathering with other teenagers. Berry was a person he had attended a conference with before. Although it appeared that Levi had fallen in love with Berry, the show revealed that she was not at all.

Berry as well as Levi left the event for the last time. Then the bloody Levi entered the hostel and told them that he and another person were fighting. The moment he arrived, he suffered from bleeding as well as tiny cut marks on his body. He confessed to his acquaintances that he was responsible for killing Berry as she had raped him while on his way to the scene. They placed him in a hold and promptly called the police.

Levi initially gave various versions of what transpired. According to the program, the actor said that they had sex consensually in his car before Berry came out and smacked him with a bottle of beer. Levi stated that he cut Berry to defend himself. Because the police did not believe the story, they asked Levi to reveal the location of the body. Levi stated that he had done exactly what he said after telling officers where to locate Berry.

Levi states that Levi and Berry went out with Berry and walked approximately 16 miles from Powell. In the show, Levi attempted to have a romantic relationship with her, but she told him no. Berry continued to fight with Levi while Levi was holding his knife. Then she was raped as well as having her neck cut off. Her body was then laid to rest in a bush. A second woman who’d been assaulted by Levi in late summer 1995 provided information to police.

The woman stated that she and her companion had a conversation with Levi when they were drinking and later drove with him. According to the story, Levi wanted to sleep with her and she refused. Levi took her to a deserted location, presented her with a gun, and then assaulted her. The victim reported to police that the person who injured her bit her in the face and arms and threatened to take her life if she spoke to anyone about the incident.

A judge in November of 1996 ruled that Levi was found guilty of murder in the second degree, sexual assault and kidnapping. In connection with the summer 1995 incident, he was also charged with sexual assault. In the end, Levi was sentenced to three lifetime sentences over the course of an indefinite period of time. The prison’s statistics show that Levi remains held in the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution located in Torrington, Goshen County.

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