Watch BBNaija’s Deji and Groovy’s Fight on Viral Video as They Get Into a Heated Argument 


Watch BBNaija’s Deji and Groovy Fight on Viral Video as They Get Into a Heated Argument

Big Brother, the most popular and awaited American television reality program, has been the scene of innumerable and overwhelming actions. It is produced in America, in the United States. As time passes and the show becomes more popular, there are many variations and ups that appear on screens. These issues usually set the flames ablaze for all, especially for viewers who have been watching the show since the beginning. In the beginning, there were no statistics that made viewers feel as if they had reached their limits. Similar events occurred just a few days ago, as Deji and Groovy were involved in a tense dispute, and you can read everything you should know about the incident in the following article.

Naija Deji as well as Groovy Fight video

The conflict began with an episode entitled “Yesterday,” when Deji claimed Phyna as a cheater and traitor who was betraying them for a lengthy period of time, regardless of whether it was for a game or any other. Groovy is first due to the fact that he reacted and said that he did not possess the authority to say such a thing. Other participants also acknowledged that the claim was untrue, which is why Groovy takes first place. Before making the slightest criticism of someone, they must have given it due consideration because of the fact that it could affect their image. Mostly because all of the news is broadcast on television networks and everyone is watching the events.

Deji: Who Is He?

Deji was born on the 25th of May 1995. Ayodeji “Deji” Morafa is a talented Nigerian pharmacist, as well as a digital developer and a perfume connoisseur. The name he uses is “Deji.”

AIM Immuno Tech. He works as a Quality Control Specialist at AIM Immuno Tech during the course of his work. He has worked within his native United States, working for recognized firms in the areas of epidemiologist, data processing specialist, pharmacy technician, and data processing specialist.

BBNaija After being announced as a contestant in seven seasons of the Big Brother Naija show, Deji Morafa soon became famous in the world.

Early on in BB’s life


On May 25, 1995, Deji Morafa was born into the prestigious Morafa family into their family. His parents picked the name Ayodeji Morafa for him upon his birth. He is an alumnus of the city, having been born and raised in the city. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Morafa, his parents.

Deji’s first language is Yoruba. He was raised and born in Lagos. His son is among four kids born to a Christian family. Oluwaseun Ayodeji is the name of the man who is his elder brother. The two languages, English as well as Yoruba, are his natural language as a spoken language.

Naija Deji Morafa was an extremely gifted youngster who performed exceptionally well in both high school and primary school. Ever since he was a child, he had dreamed of a career in medicine. This dream played a part in his decision to attend a university where he could pursue a degree in pharmacy.

Education for Deji

Naija Deji Moragfa completed his primary and secondary education within Lagos City at some of the most prestigious private colleges in the region.

In 2011, following the completion of his secondary schooling and receiving his diploma and a certificate of completion, he was accepted to the University of Lagos. In 2016, he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). UNILAG.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics with a specialization in Data Analytics from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The year 2022 was the time he returned to Logan University and earned a second degree there.

Deji’s Career:


Deji Morafa, who was a participant in Big Brother Nigeria, participated in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) during the period following graduation from the University of Lagos. In this period, when he started his career in the pharmacy field,

Following that, it was possible to get employment with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), where the hospital employed him for several years. Following that, he left the country in search of better employment opportunities elsewhere around the world.

Deji Morafa began his professional career in the United States of America by working for Capsule as a pharmacy technician after moving to the United States to begin an entirely new life. After working in this position for about four months, he was eventually elevated to the position of Inventory Specialist. In the following three months, he was offered the chance to grow his career with Capsule through the position of Processing and Data Entry.

In the month of January 2021, he was able to secure an appointment with the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation as an epidemiologist on contract. The position was for seven months. the organization during the time he was there. In July of 2021, he was appointed Quality Assurance Specialist at AIM Immuno Tech, which is widely recognized as an extremely trusted healthcare provider in America. in the United States.

In the month of July 2022, it was announced that BBNaija’s Deji Morafa would be a part of Big Brother Naija. Big Brother Naija reality program as a housemate. It was a surprise event. The announcement came just a week after the show’s official launch in the 7th season of the reality show. Deji Morafa is among the two housemates who are joining the program to win the show’s top prize of one million dollars. Another roommate, Modella,

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Deji on Social Media

Naija Deji is a well-known figure across social platforms. On Instagram, there are more than 116k followers. Likewise, on Twitter, there are more than 14.4 thousand followers.

Instagram handle: @dejimorafa

Twitter handle Twitter handle: @dejimorafa

Personal Background of Deji

Naija Deji is known as a woman’s man. Because of his stunning appeal to women, he has a significant number of female fans. He’ll be 27 years old this time. He has fair skin and a strong body. His skin isn’t too dark. He is taller than 6 feet.

He has established a residence with his family in America. The only reason he traveled across the border to Nigeria was to participate in Big Brother Naija. Big Brother Naija show On the Instagram platform, he’s an extremely popular digital creator. Recently, when he launched his scent collection, he created quite a stir across various sites on social media. He is a lover of everything scent-related.

Since Naija Deji Morafa has said her relationship is not ideal, it is possible there is a relationship with one of the women who live in the house.

Big Brother Naija 2022: Henry Olisaemeka Orakwu, better known as Groovy, is a member of the house. He’s 26; he hails from Anambra and is driven to achieve success. Groovy isn’t just an artist but also an entrepreneur in fashion as well as a model. One who is able to base his success on the physical appearance of himself and his determination to succeed.
BBNaija Groovy has said that he is an entertainer and that he will not be convicted of violating Biggie’s rules or engaging in fights. The rapper also says that this is the only thing that he won’t do.

The Big Brother Nigeria Groovy has declared that they intend to remain at home until the very end of the competition with the aim of winning the N100 million grand prize.
Groovy from BBnaija isn’t someone to give up and believes that his winning attitude will never let him down and will continue to propel him, as well as others surrounding him, to greater heights.
Groovy hopes to get to Groovy hopes to make it through the Big Brother House by being honest and spreading positive vibes. He believes that he’s a “born winner” and has the chance to win the biggest prize.
Deji Morafa, a contestant on Big Brother Nigeria, is not married and hasn’t been connected to any girlfriend.

Deji Morafa’s profession in the medical field allows him to keep a high standard of living due to the wealth he’s amassed.

What caused Deji and Groovy to become involved in a fight?

In the clip of the episode, it’s evident that everything points to the way they became closer to one another, despite knowing that every step could lead to the cause for them to leave the show. This was regardless of the fact that they were fighting among themselves. This is why the remaining competitors tried to keep them separate from each other so that nobody would be able to hit them. This is why they initially separated the competitors from one another. However, due to the comments that the competitors who were left made, the fight erupted again. Despite being dangerously close to being hit, however, other residents kept them apart and placed them in separate rooms to ensure that the issue could be solved.

The events that were fought between the two sides, and even the internet users were acquainted with their shocking reactions, are making headlines. The reason is that no one thought of the possibility of getting involved in the conflict in this way. So, in this piece we’ve included information that was gathered from other sources. When the news comes out about something new, we will make sure you’re aware of the details. It is possible to view the entire episode online in order to be aware of the events that caused a stir in the audience. However, it is recommended to be on the lookout for us to find out more.

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