The Assault on Lauren Kanarek: Who Tried to Kill Her?

Assault on Lauren Kanarek

The Assault on Lauren Kanarek: Who Tried to Kill Her?

Following a report that a gun was fired in the afternoon of August 2019, authorities went to a farm in Washington Township, New Jersey in response to the incident report. The police discovered Lauren Kanarek in a severe health condition, as was the person responsible for what happened to her. The program “48 Hours” on CBS News, titled “The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek,” exposes the legal implications of the incident as well as the motives behind the shooting. We will then examine this more thoroughly, or should we?

What happened to Lauren Kanarek?

Lauren Kanarek is a skilled horseman who has been recognized for her accomplishments by the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Dressage Federation with medals. She loved music and ice skating when she was younger, and at one point, she was even contemplating becoming an attorney. However, in the end, Lauren chose to become an instructor in dressage because it was the one she was most drawn to. She was getting ready for the competition at an animal farm located in Washington Township, where she was also living with her husband, Robert Goodwin, in the days prior to the tragic event.

Lauren called 911 around 2:15 p.m. on the 7th of August 2019, and told the police she was wounded twice in the chest. Police immediately responded to her complaint. The offender was carrying a revolver that had a 9mm calibre. When the police arrived at the location, they saw Robert engaged in a fight with the offender. When he was taken to the medical facility, Lauren required immediate surgical intervention to ensure she was stabilized and to begin healing. Following that, authorities launched a probe into what transpired that led to Lauren’s death by shooting.

Who Made an Attempt on Lauren Kanarek’s Life?

Assault on Lauren Kanarek

The investigation revealed it was discovered that Lauren Kanarek had started training at the farm for horses in the month of March under the direction of Michael Barisone, a renowned dressage trainer who was an Olympian at the time. He also worked with a variety of athletes who participated in the Olympics. The time was when Lauren paid Robert an annual rent of $5,000 to let her horses stay at her home, as well as train them and let her reside on the farm alongside Robert. However, by the end of the summer of 2019, things took quite a negative turn.

According to the report, Lauren was dissatisfied with the course and wanted to be able to have Michael instruct her instead of an assistant. Because of that, Lauren, who is extremely active on social media, began posting a variety of complaints on the internet. One of them carried the following message on the front: “It’s nearly time to possibly join the war. Anyone who repeatedly kicks an unresponsive beast could, at some point, make the beast wake up! She even went as far as calling out to Michael that he was “racist, homophobic, and antisemitic,” all of which he firmly denied. She went so far as to accuse Michael of being “antisemitic.”

Michael stated that a verbal agreement among the three parties to leave the building after the course was completed had been breached in the hands of the pair. However, Lauren claims that, according to Lauren, Michael made an attempt to force them out after the couple were forced to move to the property’s barn because of flooding. She said that Michael was interested in moving to the exact property where Lauren and Robert were living. In the weeks leading up to the shooting, authorities were called to the home repeatedly due to Lauren’s frequent posts on social media. They finally arrived at the scene of the shooting.

Michael had earlier informed the authorities that Lauren as well as Robert were living on his property. He accused the two of being trespassers who refused to leave. The man added that they had not left. After that, Lauren alleged on social media that she had been the victim of bullying and she was scared by the circumstances. Additionally, Robert and Robert are believed to have contacted child protection services, who arrived at the farm in order to investigate claims that Michael was a victim of abuse towards his children, whom he shared with his partner. Following further investigation, however, Michael was found not guilty of any alleged misconduct by the social worker.

On the 7th day of August 2019, Michael traveled all the way to the place where Lauren and Robert were staying. He carried the gun he carried with him. After concluding it was Michael who was the shooter, Lauren later stated that Michael tried shooting Robert but failed to kill the target. Following that, Robert managed to get Michael under control until police arrived. In the trial of Michael, who was arrested at the beginning of the year 2022, Lauren’s internet posts became a source of contention. Mary Haskins Gray, who was his girlfriend at the time, claimed in the courtroom that Lauren had posted threats on the internet.

Lauren acknowledged that certain of her posts might be taken as threats, but she claimed she did not know about this possibility when she made them. Michael later claimed that he reported his worries regarding his security to authorities, but they didn’t take his comments seriously. At the conclusion, the lawyers tried to build a defense that was based on insanity by having experts testify that Lauren’s abuse via social media drove Michael to the point of no return. Michael wasn’t found guilty of trying to kill Lauren along with Robert in the spring of 2022 and was then ordered to undergo mental health therapy after being found innocent. Michael claimed that he had no memory of the incident.

A decrease in status or favor.

Michael Barisone, one of the best dressage athletes in the United States, competed for Team USA at the Olympic Dressage Competition in Beijing in 2008. He then went on to enjoy an impressive career as an instructor, where he taught a number of Olympians and top-level cyclists.

The summer of his life was beginning to spiral out of control, as the relationship he had with Kanarek ended due to disagreements over the agreement they had.

Lauren Kanarek targets Michael Barisone on Facebook.

On Facebook, Lauren Kanarek started venting her anger and frustration in relation to Barisone.
Michael Barisone seemed extremely concerned by Lauren Kanarek’s posts on social media, as the situation on the farm continued to worsen. Barisone was left with the feeling that his image and career were in danger. Barisone was adamantly against Kanarek’s accusations against her.
Kanarek and Barisone both reported having experienced feelings of danger.
As per Barisone and the people who are supportive of his family, his mental health was declining.

The weapon was used.

Michael Barisone pulled a 9mm Ruger revolver from the safe in his office in the evening on August 7th, 2019 and drove it to the farm located on the property where Lauren Kanarek and Rob Goodwin were living. Barisone confronted both of them with a request to find out the reason they were on the property.

A struggle ensues.

Rob Goodwin claimed that he had a successful time getting Michael Barisone down to the ground using a tackle.
Lauren Kanarek dialed 911 despite the fact that she was severely injured in a struggle to breathe. This photo was taken in the hospital just after the shooting. It shows Goodwin lying on the top of Barisone and appears to be suffering serious injuries from the beating.

Lauren Kanarek strives for her life.

Since Lauren Kanarek was hemorrhaging uncontrollably, the patient had to be taken to the hospital for an emergency operation. According to Kanarek, who is in the hospital today with a ventilator, suffered from a respiratory coma for 4 days and was in the intensive-care unit for 3 weeks.

In Barisone’s own words, the only thing that he will remember was waking up with handcuffs.

Michael Barisone says Michael Barisone does not remember firing the gun or Lauren Kanarek. Barisone also affirms that he doesn’t recall being shot. He claims the only thing he can remember is that he woke up to find himself in a hospital with his arm tied to the bed by handcuffs.

Following the shooting, Barisone was taken into custody and was charged with two counts of attempted murder.

The horsemanship career of Barisone has many accomplishments.

Barisone is the proprietor of the establishment named Barisone Dressage, which is also the location where Kanarek was shot.
Dressage was one of the disciplines that Barisone participated in at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, and she did the discipline on horses (his team was not able to win any medals). He is now a well-known trainer for other top equestrians. The instructor teaches his classes at his own premises in both New Jersey and Florida.

Based on the information contained in his biographical information, Barisone was a member of the team that participated in the 1997 Nations Cup and won the gold medal at Hickstead. In addition, Barisone has reportedly trained nine horses to win in more than a hundred CDI Grand Prix competitions. Additionally, Barisone was awarded the Sportsman International Horseman of the Year award, which was presented to Barisone in 2009. He has also coached younger Olympians like Alison Brock, who was part of the United States team that won bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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