Greek Olympian Alexandros Nikolaidis Dies at 42

Alexandros Nikolaidis Dies

Greek Olympian Alexandros Nikolaidis Dies at 42

Alexandros Nikolaidis, a Greek Olympic athlete and taekwondo champion, died at the age of 42 after a two-year battle with a rare type of cancer.

In a poignant message he wrote prior to his passing away, which was published on Friday, he explained the way in which nut carcinoma took his life:

For the past two years, I have been suffering from cancer for two years. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called nut cancer, which currently has nine out of 10 Greek doctors who have read this article, are likely to have to read this for the very first time and are likely to find it.

The 2008 Greek Male Athlete of the Year was Nikolaidis. He was initially the favourite for the Greek team, but he ultimately won his silver medal in the 2004 Olympics which took place at Athens in the face of Moon Dae Sung of South Korea in the gold medal match.

Alexandros Nikolaidis long career in Taekwondo

On the 24th of March in the 24th of March, 2008 Alexandros Nikolaidis had the honor to be the very first torch-bearer for this year’s Summer Olympics torch-bearing relay.

In the year following, the 11th of April took home in the European Championship in Rome.

Alexandros Nikolaidis Dies

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nikolaidis won another Olympic silver medal in the +80kg category. He was defeated by Cha Dong-Min from South Korea in the final.

In July of 2011 He managed to earn a spot in his first 2012 Olympic Games by placing third at the World Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan by defeating Liu Xiaobo of China in the play-off for 3rd place. He carried the flag of Greece in the Parade of Nations at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

On August 11 2012 Nikolaidis was able to begin and end the Olympics participation in the “preliminary round” fight with Bahri Tanrikulu. Nikolaidis was defeated 7-3 overall.

After his retirement in 2014, He entered politics in 2014. He was elected a deputy spokesman for Syriza, the principal Opposition party Syriza.

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