Alex Patafio Accident, Georgia State Law Student Alex Patafio Passed Away, Alex Patafio Obituary

Alex Patafio Accident

Alex Patafio Accident, Georgia State Law Student Alex Patafio Passed Away, Alex Patafio Obituary

It is with deep regret that a student in the third year at Georgia State’s College of Law passed away in a crash. According to the report, the victim of the incident has been determined to be Alex Patafio, a third-year student at Georgia State’s College of Law. Alex Patafio died in a car accident on Thursday, October 6th, 2022. It is also believed that Alex Patafio’s death was connected to the life-threatening injuries she suffered during the accident this week. After Alex Patafio was pronounced dead, the family and friends, including her friends, family members, and colleagues, have expressed their grief. Read what Georgia State College had to say in the wake of her death.

Alex Patafio Accident

As we mentioned earlier, Patafio was a student at Georgia States College of Law and was about to complete a Public Interest Law & Policy Certificate. In addition, she was a third-year student at law school. However, Alex Patafio practiced law at The Arora Law Firm while studying for the Public Interest Law & Policy Certificate.

A student at Georgia State’s College of Law also stated that she had a keen wish to be a criminal lawyer. Additionally, Alex Patafio was also one of the 34 students involved in local pro bono cases. 

Additionally, she was able to prove the innocence of a man. Arthur Manning was the man who was found innocent in a case of armed robbery at the hands of Alex Patafio and her partner, Robert Wilson. According to the report, Alex Patafio presented cellphone documents to prove that the suspect wasn’t present at the scene when the crime occurred.

Alex Patafio Accident

Alex Patafio Obituary

After the court’s ruling, Alex Patafio said, “You know, we’re satisfied that justice was done today.” According to reports, authorities from the DeKalb District Attorney’s office dismissed the charges after the evidence was provided.

The Georgia State College of Law stated that the entire community will observe a moment of silence on Monday at 12:00 pm.Georgia State officials said, “Our deepest condolences go to the family of Alex’s friends, colleagues, and family who mourn their loss.”

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