7 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Adam

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

Kneel on his feet, or get crushed by his boot. This is everything you need about Black Adam, DCEU’s latest antihero.

It’s finally here: Black Adam will be making his own solo movie. Although he may not be the most well-known comic book character, Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” will play the role of Khandaqi. Shazam’s constant nemesis has been Black Adam. But, with the announcement that the character will most likely be the first to have his name on the marquee, it’s obvious Geoff Johns (DCEU) intends to increase his fame.

Black Adam is neither a hero nor a villain. He belongs to the antiheroic camp. Although armed with devil-like anger and god-like powers, Black Adam is a faithful servant of justice. He also has a strict but flexible moral code. Dwayne Johnson was given the option to play Shazam or Black Adam. He stated that he loved Black Adam’s backstory and that it was easy to see why.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Adam

1. He is capable of competing against Superman.

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

Black Adam has been able to fight Superman several times and has appeared almost unfazed in each of those encounters. Adam has shown that he can take Superman’s punches and has also been able to respond with haymakers, which put the Man of Steel on defense. An Supes, who was in a lot of pain, took notice of Adam’s hits during the fight, noting that his punches had the same volume as cannon blasts but the impact of a small explosive. His ability to evade is even more impressive than Black Adam’s competitive fighting style. He can annihilate anyone but Superman. However, he fights him with notable restraint. This is something Kal-El is frequently criticized for in his fights.

Black Adam is the key to Superman’s advantage. Adam’s magical powers can cause Superman to be a victim in ways that he isn’t used to. Black Adam is able to exploit the Man of Steel’s greatest vulnerability, magic spells, to the maximum extent. Black Adam’s magical command will surely be displayed if Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Superman meet in the future.

2. His slogan: “Kneel at His Feet or Get Crushed by His Boot”

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

It is the phrase The Rock used in Black Adam to confirm his involvement, and it’s the ideal slogan for an antihero like him. Black Adam is a Jekyll-and-Hyde type of hero. He has the ability to be kind, but only after all other options have been exhausted. He is a shame. Adam is a victim of a life of servitude that saw his family and soul destroyed. Now he must reconcile his supernatural powers with his human heart.

He is a man of contradictions. He loves his country and its people, but he will kill anyone and everything that threatens the Kahndaqi way of life. He is a strong advocate for law and order, but he will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who wrongs him. It will be fascinating to see how this antihero fits into the tapestry that is the DCEU as the Black Adam movie enters pre-production. One wonders which characters will kneel at his feet, and which ones will be crushed by his boots as the Justice League closes in on Justice League Dark.

3. He Moved The Moon To Defeat Ultraman.

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

If any of your friends doubt Black Adam’s strength, just mention the time he made Ultraman weaker by moving to the moon . Ultraman, who has already broken Black Adam’s jaw and decimated scores more superheroes, is virtually impossible to beat in the New 52. The evil Supes clone, Ultraman, keeps his distance and focuses on pressing issues in their second matchup. Ultraman, knowing his weaknesses, causes an eclipse by temporarily moving to the moon to protect the sun. Ultraman, who is busy with Alexander Luthor’s takedown, is then lifted by his petard when Black Adam, Sinestro and Sinestro reverse the planet shift and team up to return the moon to its original position. This exposes Ultraman the damaging rays from the sun, and leads to his defeat.

Black Adam and Sinestro are heroes after they have dismantled the Crime Syndicate. They are both offered the opportunity to have their criminal records erased, but neither one of them is interested, and they flee the scene.

4. Why Dwayne Johnson choose Black Adam over Shazam?

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

Black Adam, like many dictators, believes that control is a form of freedom. Black Adam kills Aman, his nephew, and takes his powers. He does this with a morally corrupt objective: to exact vengeance against those who enslaved and destroyed his family. He is the next ruler of Kahndaq and sits on a throne made with blood. It would be difficult to make Black Adam a villain if his story ended there. He shows a depth and complexity that makes him the man Dwayne Johnson hopes to portray.

Because of his complex history, his past as a slave and his future as a conflicted demigod, The Rock passed on Shazam. IGN asked Johnson to explain that he recognizes the dark side of Black Adam’s history, but that it’s what makes him a compelling central character. We are eager to see his contributions.

5. Former member of the Justice Society of America, Injustice Society, and Suicide Squad

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam


Black Adam, a man with a complicated resume, has been part of a number of supervillain and superhero teams. JSA #21saw Black Adam eager and humble, asking to be a member of the Justice Society of America. Adam was admitted to the JSA, but everyone was cautious about his presence. Adam always kept one foot outside the door. Adam joined Johnny Sorrow’s supervillain team, the Injustice Society. He showed his talents by killing some enemies in more creative ways. However, this didn’t last long as Adam turned the tables on Sorrow by teaming up with the JSA in order to take down the Injustice Society. It’s going to be a difficult task to determine this man’s loyalties.

Black Adam fought alongside the Suicide Squad and won the love of Amanda Waller. The dangerous head of Task Force X aids Adam in his raid on a dangerous island. Although Black Adam may not be the most loyal member of the team, there are many options for him in the DCEU.

6. He joined The Sinestro Corps

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

Antiheroes and dictators can also have friends. Black Adam and Sinestro have been a dynamic duo over the years. They deserve a lot of credit. Together, they took down the Crime Syndicate, Sinestro helped Black Adam to rebuild his jaw and even threw huge bashes at Kahndaq in celebration of their wins. Sinestro Corps made Sinestro his honorary member, even though they were friends long before Black Adam joined.

Sinestro selected Black Adam to fight as a Yellow Lantern Ring-bearing Black Adam, even though it is frightening. He knew the strengths of The Paling and gave Black Adam his ” ability instilling great fear” in his enemies. Their partnership saw Sinestro, Black Adam and the rest beat the Paling. Adam still has his ring.

7. He has the power of the Egyptian Gods

7 Things You Didn't Know About Black Adam

Shazam does not actually evoke the powers of the white-bearded wizard; rather, it conjures the powers of the six Egyptian gods Shu, Heru Amon Zehuti, Aton, Zehuti, and Mehen. Black Adam is almost unbeatable because of the sound of his voice.

“S” stands for Shu, a god that infuses Black Adam with extraordinary endurance and the ability to survive almost every type of counterattack.

‘H represents Heru’s speed, which allows Black Adam to fly faster than 2 miles per second on Earth and at lightspeed in space. He is so fast, he loaned Heru his powers to The Flash.

The symbolises the power of Amon. This makes Black Adam one the most powerful superheroes of all time.

“Z” stands for Zehuti’s knowledge and wisdom. This gives Black Adam an intelligence that is rare among superheroes. He can also hypnotize and speak multiple languages.

A ‘delivers the force of Aton to Adam, allowing him to wield thunderbolts and travel across dimensions, as well as change forms.

‘M represents Mehen’s fortitude, which gives Adam unwavering courage and an inner reserve to allow him to heal quickly in battle.

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