1971 War: The Story Behind India’s Victory, Pak Surrender, And Bangladesh Independence


In 1971, Pakistan was left with a terrible wound that they will never forget. Two pieces of Pakistan were split in the same year and India helped.

India in 1971, Had a significant role in the history of Pakistani and Bangladeshi. This year, India dealt a wound to Pakistan. Pakistan will never forget. It was also the year Bangladesh became an independent nation on the global map. The 3rd of December 1971 was the start of the history-changing war. It took place in 1971. We will tell you the complete story of how Bangladesh and Pakistan came into existence.

The Background Of War

From the beginning, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had been fighting for East Pakistan’s autonomy. This was why he had proposed a six-point plan. All these things made him the eye of Pakistani rulers. Other leaders from Bengal were also targeted by Pakistan. His Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, as well as other Bengali leaders, were charged with separatist movements for repression and to suppress the rebel voice. This Pakistani move took the spotlight off of it. In the eyes of East Pakistan, Mujibur Rahman was a hero. This helped Pakistan to get its feet back on the ground and ended the conspiracy case against Mujibur Rahman.

1970 Election In Pakistan

For the survival of Bangladesh, the 1970 elections in Pakistan were crucial. Mujibur Rahman’s East Pakistani Awami League party won a strong win in this election. Mujib’s party won 169 to 167 East Pakistani Awami League seats. Mujib, who possessed 313 seats in the Pakistani Parliament, was responsible for forming an adjacent government. The leaders and military regime in West Pakistan that were controlling Pakistan did not convince Mujib to become the ruler of Pakistan. The rebellion in East Pakistan was fueled by this deception by the Mujib. People marched in protest and began to agitate. The power structure of Pakistan demanded that the army crush the East Pakistani rebellion.

Atrocities Committed By The Pak Army

Day by day, the freedom movement in East Pakistan was growing stronger. The Pakistani army used atrocities to stop the movement. The Pakistani army launched a brutal campaign in March 1971. In East Bengal, atrocities were committed in large numbers. It was arranged for murder and rape. Mujib was taken into custody. Many members of the Awami League fled to India to avoid being arrested and torture. The campaign was initially led by the four infantry brigades from the Pakistani army. However, its numbers grew over time. Indian refugees The crisis began to worsen. In less than one year, approximately 1 million refugees fleeing Bangladesh fled to India and sought refuge in West Bengal, India. India was forced to act against Pakistan by this incident.

India Intervention

The Government of India was believed to have decided to support Muktivahini in March 1971. Muktivahini was in fact the East Pakistan army that liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan. Muktawahini was made up of thousands of East Pakistani civilians and soldiers. 31 March 1971: Indira Gandhi spoke in the Indian MP to aid the East Bengali people. 29 July 1971: The Indian MP was announced publicly to aid the East Bengal boys. It was also responsible for preparing the Indian Army. The preparations included the training of Muktivahini’s fighters

October-November 1971. The month was 1971. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, and his advisers visited Europe, America, and Asia. He kept an eye on the leaders around the world. The conversation between Indira Gandhi, the President of America Richard Nixon was not fruitful. Nixon joined hands to do anything for Mujibur Rahman’s release. Nixon demanded that the West Pakistan military government be allowed to continue for two years. Indira Gandhi, on the other hand, stated that Pakistan’s situation is volatile. This is true until then. Nixon was also informed by him that India would not stop pursuing action if Pakistan crosses the border (in India).

The Attack On India And The Start Of War

The East Pakistan crisis reached a critical point. In West Pakistan, large marches were held and military action was taken against India. Indian soldiers, on the other side, were alert at the border with East Pakistan. 23 November 1971: Pakistan’s President Yahya Khan asked Pakistanis to be prepared for war. 3 December 1971: India was attacked by Pakistan’s Air Force. Several Indian cities were attacked, including Amritsar (India) and Agra (India). The Indo-Pak War began in 1971. 16 December 1971: The end of the war was achieved with the surrender by Pakistan and the birth in Bangladesh.

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